What the Heck is ROMWOD and Why Should I Do It?

It’s all about quality of movement.

Last week we started offering ROMWOD after classes in our studio in an effort to help you be able to move better during your workouts and recover faster afterward. Both of these will improve your overall fitness tenfold AND decrease your injury risk. This program is for ALL members, regardless of your fitness level, goals, or focus.

What does ROMWOD even mean? It means Range of Motion Workout of the Day. What is it? According to the ROMWOD FAQ page, it is a series of video sessions designed to increase your (wait for it) range of motion, optimize your workout performance, and promote recovery.

These routines can be done pretty much at anytime, but ROMWOD recommends you do them when you are “cool.” Ok, we know you are all cool all of the time because, duh, BUT they mean when your body itself is cool. However, simply doing ROMWOD on a regular basis will help you “grease the groove” of movement patterns by opening your joints and strengthening your ligaments and fascia. In short, it helps you move better.

Better movement is our goal with this program and we strongly encourage you to build this into your routine at least a couple times a week. We have times scheduled for before and after classes for you to get your ROMWOD in. Just follow of the directions next to the TV in the studio to get it started. Sometimes you may need bands, medicine balls, or abmats to help you out. Feel free to use what you need! Each session is about 20 minutes long. Stay only for the amount of time you are able. Every minute helps!

Finally, ROMWOD has a TON of routines of all lengths. If you want to dive into it deeper and do videos at home, you can sign up for your very own account through our affiliate link here. We cannot wait to see how ROMWOD improves your fitness!

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