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Professional, experienced coaching & High intensity group classes


Our CrossFit and FastFit Classes are available through monthly memberships. Memberships include both FastFit and CrossFit classes.

Foundations Classes at Petworth Fitness are required and designed to help you feel confident and comfortable starting regular classes by introducing you to our fundamental movements and skills with extensive instruction from one of our experienced coaches.

Step 1: [PURCHASE HERE] and complete your two Level 1 Foundations classes. *Required prior to Step 2.

Step 2: Purchase your choice of membership (see below) and begin attending FastFit classes.

Step 3: Complete our Level 2 Foundations classes to include CrossFit classes in your membership. (These are optional but required prior to attending CrossFit classes). When ready to purchase, Level 2 Foundations, email [email protected] or speak to a coach.

Step 4: Enjoy access to all classes.

Our Foundations Class schedule and full details can be seen and purchased HERE

Foundations class pricing for either series: Group classes $49 or Private classes $98

* Experience from another CrossFit gym? You can test-out of Foundations for $25. Contact us to schedule a time with a coach.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You!

We offer classes for all fitness levels and abilities & the best fitness community of your life