Member Spotlight: Clarissa Arevalo

Clarissa Arevalo

If you’ve ever crossed paths with Clarissa, you’ll know she is one of the kindest and most supportive members around. Her brilliant smile is often accompanied with words of encouragement and sunshine! CFP is so lucky she walked through the doors in November of 2014. Let’s take a second and learn a little bit more about her! 

What do you like to do when you’re not at the gym? 

I like to eat and binge watch Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. I’m happy that CrossFit balances out my sloth-like tendencies. I also like to find new recipes to cook and bake. When the weather is nice, I enjoy going on hiking and biking adventures. 

What is your favorite thing to work on at the gym?  

Since I’ve finally been able to do an unassisted pull-up, I’ve enjoyed practicing kipping pull-ups. My favorite workouts are any WODs that involve double unders and shoulder to overhead. [Ed. note: if you haven’t seen her do DUs you are missing out!]

What’s your favorite song (current and/or of all time)? 

Currently, my favorite song is “One Dance” by Drake. 

Who is your hero and why?

My mother is my hero. She taught me the importance of hard work and selflessness. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Finding a fulfilling career that allows me to help those that are less fortunate. 

What goal have you been working toward at the gym? 

My fitness goals for 2016 were to be able to do 1. Unassisted pull-ups; 2. Handstand push-ups; 3. Unassisted pistol squats; and 4. Work on mobility. I’m still working to get handstand pushups and pistols under my belt. 

What goal have you already reached? 

I am happy to say that I’ve finally been able to do strict and kipping pull-ups! I’m looking forward to getting stronger, perfecting my kip, being able to string multiple pull-ups in a row, and, who knows, eventually being able to do butterfly pull-ups. The great thing about CrossFit is that once you accomplish a goal, you can always set another goal to get stronger and more efficient. 

Where did you take your best trip ever? Or where ARE you going to take your best trip ever? 

Studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. 

What keeps you coming back to CFP? 

The people! I have never been part of a gym that has had such a great sense of community. CFP does an amazing job at fostering such a welcoming environment. I have made many great friends since becoming a member of CFP. It’s not just a CrossFit gym, it truly is a family. I get to do awesome workouts with great people everyday; what more can I ask for? 

The next time you see Clarissa, give her a high five for all of her hard work and just for being an amazing human. We love you Clarissa!!

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