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Foundations Classes provide a thorough introduction to the fundamental movements that are performed in all our classes. Classes build upon one another and FastFit Foundations must be completed prior to taking CrossFit Foundations.

Completing FastFit Foundations 1 and 2 opens the door for you to join FastFit classes
Completing CrossFit Foundations 1 and 2 opens the door for you to join CrossFit classes

Small Group Foundations classes are currently offered every other week on Tuesday and Thursday:

FastFit Foundations 1: 8am or 6:30pm Tuesday
FastFit Foundations 2: 8am or 6:30pm Thursday
CrossFit Foundations 1: 7:30pm Tuesday
CrossFit Foundations 2: 7:30pm Thursday

If you would like to get started more quickly or would like extra attention, private Foundations is also available. For private lessons, you will be connected with a coach who will work with you to fit your schedule.

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