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FastFit to CrossFit and back again?! 

From Coach Nicole:

One of the underlying principles of the type of fitness we do and teach at Petworth Fitness is constant variance (vs randomness), to keep our bodies/muscles working hard and to prevent adaptation. We certainly offer that within our program tracks: that is why we’re always doing different things on different days in both CrossFit & FastFit classes. But we also offer it between program tracks, and we encourage you to get out of your fitness comfort zones and explore new/different classes!

If you are a longtime FastFitter, we strongly encourage you to sign up for your Level 2 Foundations and give CrossFit a shot! We often hear that FastFitters are hesitant about trying CrossFit, but think about it like this: you have put in the work to build a strong base in FastFit. Not only have you built strength and increased your aerobic capacity and conditioning through all of those EMOMS and grueling AMRAPS, but you have also perfected movements like the KB swing, goblet squat, dumbbell snatch and dumbbell clean. These things translate amazingly well into the barbell and gymnastic movements you’ll learn in CrossFit. You are actually already more prepared than you realize for CrossFit classes, and learning new movements and utilizing new equipment will only help to increase your fitness and keep your workouts interesting! Plus, just like all of the people at Petworth Fitness, the coaches and members on the “other side” are extremely welcoming and supportive.

Similarly, if you typically attend Crossfit classes, jumping into FastFit can really help to improve your fitness level and shore up gaps in strength and performance. A better and stronger base, stronger ligaments and connective tissue, better and safer movement patterns all come from the varied assistance-type strength work we do in FastFit. For example, many CrossFitters have side-to-side strength imbalances that are preventing their squat and deadlift numbers from increasing. Guess where we do lots and lots of unilateral accessory pieces, like single-leg deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats and a variety of single arm and single leg exercises to address imbalances like that? Yup. We do it in FastFit!

The bottom line: if you are open to exploring and taking advantage of all of the class options (CrossFit, FastFit, XtraFit, StrongFit & Yoga) we offer at Petworth Fitness, you will not only meet amazing new people, and learn fun, cool new movements, but will also become stronger, faster, and fitter!


Coach Nicole

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