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Save your back by Hinging not Bending!

The Lost Art of Bending Over (and saving your back) No matter which class you attend at Petworth Fitness, you'll often hear us talking about 'hinge movements'. This might be a deadlift, a kettle bell [...]

2018 CrossFit Open

2018 CrossFit Open At Petworth Fitness! Every Friday beginning February 23rd thru March 23rd Petworth Fitness will be hosting the Crossfit Open Workouts. ANYONE can take part and we encourage you to participate. Just like [...]

Training for longevity & Avoiding Injury

Practice, Training, or Competing? By Coach Colby Bone You show up to the gym lift heavy, ideally as heavy as possible for 1, 3, or 5 reps. Then you rest for a few minutes before [...]

Partner Workouts

Partner Workouts: The What, Why and How From Coach Nicole: You have likely noticed more partner workouts showing up in our weekly programming. Particularly, we have been including partner workouts on Saturdays. Unlike individual workouts, [...]

Fitness Words of Wisdom

FastFit to CrossFit and back again?!  From Coach Nicole: One of the underlying principles of the type of fitness we do and teach at Petworth Fitness is constant variance (vs randomness), to keep our bodies/muscles [...]

Let’s talk about dropping weights

Dropping Weights: When it's ok and why In CrossFit, being able to drop weights is helpful and can be fun but it is a true safety issue. We understand that someone can get hurt if [...]

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