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At Petworth Fitness we know that one size does NOT fit all! This is why we take the time to design personalized fitness plans around your specific goals and needs.

In this individualized setting we will provide in-depth instruction that will help you elevate your performance level - whether you're new to working out or already an elite athlete!

Experience Real Fitness Results In Washington D.C.!

Our goal is to help you make the right choices and guide you on your fitness journey. Every day at Petworth Fitness, home of CrossFit Petworth, we help our members look and feel their best. Our coaches love teaching and helping people improve their lives. What sets us apart is not only our highly qualified, experienced, and credentialed coaches; it’s also the caring, respect, and passion we have for every member that walks through our doors.

Each Personal Training session at Petworth Fitness will help you bust through plateaus and reach all of your health and fitness goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain strength, we will provide you with the challenging and energizing workouts to help push you toward your goals. All ages and experience levels welcome!

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