Petworth Foundations Classes

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Foundations Classes provide a thorough introduction to the fundamental movements that are performed in all our classes. Classes build upon one another and FastFit Foundations must be completed prior to taking CrossFit Foundations.

  • Completing FastFit Foundations 1 and 2 opens the door for you to join FastFit classes
  • Completing CrossFit Foundations 1 and 2 opens the door for you to join CrossFit classes

Small Group Foundations classes are currently offered every other week on Tuesday and Thursday:

  • FastFit Foundations 1: 8am or 6:30pm Tuesday
  • FastFit Foundations 2: 8am or 6:30pm Thursday
  • CrossFit Foundations 1: 7:30pm Tuesday
  • CrossFit Foundations 2: 7:30pm Thursday

If you would like to get started more quickly or would like extra attention, private Foundations is also available. For private lessons, you will be connected with a coach who will work with you to fit your schedule.

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