8/7/17 Workouts & News

Happy Monday

This Friday is Bring Friend Day!

August Newsletter will be out shortly with updates on gym happenings and there’s a lot coming up.

Joining the CFP Kickball Team, Thursday evenings in the fall, will be part of it!! Interested in joining?

Email us now. Full details will be in the newsletter and written on the mobility area whiteboard.



45 Cal Row

-rest 2 min-

15 Clean & Push Jerks @135/95

30 Pull ups

-rest 2 min-

10 Clean & Push Jerks

20 Pull ups

-rest 2 min-

5 Clean & Push Jerks

10 Pull ups

-rest 2 min-

800m Run

*Time Cap: 28 min




AMRAP 22 - Love thy ball

Buy in: 400M run w/ball (run once)


10 Floor Presses on Med Ball (Heavy)

12 Overhead Reverse lunge into Forward lunge (6 each)

14 Med Ball Cleans

16 Russian Twists w/ Ball


10 min of shoulder mobility with lacrosse

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