8/2/17 Workouts & News


Are you ready for some Kickball??

Super member James (pictured swinging here) will be leading the charge to organize

a kickball team representing our gym. Details and information on joining

will be coming in the next day or two. Stay tuned and get excited!!




With a running clock...

Minutes 0:00 to 8:00 40 Toes to Bar

*in the remaining time, max Wall Walks OR Handstand Pushups

Minutes 8:00-16:00 40-Front Squats @135/95

Minutes 16:00-24:00 20 Overhead Squats & 20 Strict Pullups OR Chinups

Minutes 24:00-32:00 40 Back Squats @135/95

*in remaining time, max Rep Power Cleans




Every 2 minutes x 7 Rounds
12 Single leg squats



12 Burpees with back and forth hop over Parallette
12 Wall Balls
6 Wall Ball Situps

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