7/17/17 Workouts & News

Big thanks to everyone who came out for the BBQ on Friday.

The weather kept some people away but in the end cleared

up nicely for a good evening of drinks, food and company.




Every 90 sec x 12 rounds (alternating)

A) 8 to 10 Toes 2 Bar

B) 6 to 8 Single Arm DB Strict Press

C) 2 DB Turkish Getups per side

-2 min rest-


EMOM 15 (alternating)

A) 10/8 AirBike Cals

B) 10 Burpees

C) 10 DB Snatch @50/35 (5per side)






Every 2 minutes for 6 rounds

12 Goblet Squats (Heavy as possible)

This is for strength not cardio...


-2 min rest-


10 rounds - 30 Seconds each

10 KB Push Presses

Hollow Hold (or Rock)




Class Mobility work

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