7/14/17 Workouts & News

Today is Bring a Friend Day and we finish the day with our Barbecue!!

If you have a friend joining you for class please have them register in advance HERE

For the Barbecue: Drinks at 7pm and food at 7:30pm

We will not be having a BBQ in August so make your plans come by tonight for a drink and bite to eat.

If you’d like, you can bring a drink a dish to share or something to add to the grill.




Partner WOD

400m Med Ball Run


5 Rounds

30 Situps

30 KB DeadLifts @32kg/24kg

30 Goblet Squats

30 HR Pushups

30 Wall balls @20lbs/14lbs

30 Ring Rows


400m KB Single Arm Rack Carry

Partners split the reps and share the weights on the run/walk

Remember, reps do not have to be split 50/50.

Switch as often as necessary to keep a steady pace going.

Time cap: 35mins





In teams of two…

5 rounds of 30 sec on/off

Partner A works, Partner B rests

Battle Ropes

Slam balls

Hollow Hold or Rock

Sled sprints (20 to 40lb slam ball)

Goblet Squats


50 Cal Bike

On the bike you should be sprinting.

When you slow down, even a little, switch partners

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