7/12/17 Workouts & News


Only TWO more days to wait!!

Bring friends throughout the day and bring a drink or some food in the evening.

Friday Night Barbecue: Drinks at 7pm and food at 7:30pm

Friday Free class for friends: All classes, please have friends register in advance HERE




Working to find 1 rep max

Front Squats


-5 min rest-



30-Snatches @135/95

Timecap: 8 minutes





Russian Twists with wall ball

Superman Holds


Workout Note: Snatches should look smooth and your weights

should not be a struggle for every rep. Goal is moving quick

but you must maintain good form.





4 rounds of:
In 5 minutes complete...
20 KB Deadlifts
20 Pushups
20 Situps
20 KB Swings
Max cal Row or Bike with remaining time left
(Alternate Bike and Row each round)
*Rest 1 minute between rounds


Mobility: quads

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