Helping Your Hands


By Coach Marcus

CrossFit is both mentally and physically demanding. You ask a lot of yourself with this style of training and it’s challenging and exciting to tap into your animal nature. CrossFitting allows your body to adapt to stressors. The changes stressors incite can vary from the obvious to the minute. One reaction to these stressors is developing calluses on your hands. I like to call them “natural gloves.” First, let’s understand exactly what a callus is and what causes them. The all-knowing WebMD states, “Calluses are areas of thick, hardened, dead skin. They form to protect the skin and structures under the skin from pressure, friction, and injury. Calluses on the hands of an active person are normal.”  So, from movements like kettlebell swings, barbell lifts, and pullups, your body forms these natural gloves because it recognizes you need them. The body is amazing.

However, when the callus gets too hard and is left untreated, it’s more likely to rip open. When that happens, your training is put on hold for at least a week. You can’t hold a barbell, pullup bar, or kettlebell properly. Now that little rip causes safety concerns for your training since you’re thinking about the rip rather than focusing on the task at hand (bada-tss). The solution is simply prevention of the problem

I trained for competitive kettlebell lifting and HAD to take care of my hands. To do so, I religiously used CORNHUSKERS LOTION. After a training session when my hands felt painfully raw, this stuff healed the damage and allowed me to train another day. I have NEVER ripped my hands and I attribute that to my use of this magical concoction that actual old time cornhuskers would use. Cornhuskers Lotion softens your calluses without removing them, which is exactly what you need if you are an avid husker of corn or CrossFitter. You can purchase Cornhuskers Lotion at CVS for around $4 or on Amazon here.

Follow these steps for use:

Step 1: Wash hands thoroughly and immediately following an intense bar/kettlbell WOD

Step 2: Apply Cornhuskers Lotion to slightly damp hands (this allows for the lotion to seep into your pores)

Step 3: Once hands dry, apply again

Step 4:If hands continue to feel raw, apply again

*Don’t apply to an open wound*

Cornhuskers Lotion has also been linked to help with a variety of skin issues as outlined in the article Cornhuskers Lotion from the Love to Know site. I more than suggest using this product and making it a part of your training routine. Buy it, train hard, use it, rinse, wash, repeat.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

-Ben Franklin

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