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  • Let's talk about dropping weights

    Dropping Weights: When it's ok and why
    In CrossFit, being able to drop weights is helpful and can be fun but it is a true safety issue. We understand that someone can get hurt if they’re attempting a lift and are not able to drop the weight if they fail. The dropping of weights is then sometimes necessary. However, there is a big difference between a “necessary” drop, versus an “unnecessary” one. First, Dumbbells and Kettlebells should never be dropped. Dumbbells bounce and can easily hurt people. Kettlebells leave gouges and damage our flooring. Do not be surprised, if after being reminded of this and continuing to drop them, the ....

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  • 2017 CrossFit Open

    ? 2017 CrossFit Open At Petworth Fitness home of CrossFit Petworth! Every Saturday beginning February 25th thru March 25th, at 11am, Petworth Fitness will be hosting the Crossfit Open Workouts. ANYONE can take part and we encourage you to participate. Just like our regular workouts, the Open workouts can be scaled to any ability. In a change from past years, in order to participate, we are asking you to sign up online* (via Zen Planner on our schedule*) in advance for the workouts and the different heats. We also highly encourage you to register yourself as an athlete HERE ! This way you can compare how your age group and skill level ....

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  • What the Heck is ROMWOD and Why Should I Do It?

    What the Heck is ROMWOD and Why Should I Do It? It's all about quality of movement. Last week we started offering ROMWOD after classes in our studio in an effort to help you be able to move better during your workouts and recover faster afterward. Both of these will improve your overall fitness tenfold AND decrease your injury risk. This program is for ALL members, regardless of your fitness level, goals, or focus. What does ROMWOD even mean? It means R ange o f M otion W ork o ut of the D ay. What is it? According to the ROMWOD FAQ page, it is a series of video sessions designed to increase your (wait for it) range of motion, optimize your workout ....

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  • Member Spotlight: Clarissa Arevalo

    Clarissa Arevalo
    If you've ever crossed paths with Clarissa, you'll know she is one of the kindest and most supportive members around. Her brilliant smile is often accompanied with words of encouragement and sunshine! CFP is so lucky she walked through the doors in November of 2014. Let's take a second and learn a little bit more about her! What do you like to do when you’re not at the gym?
    I like to eat and binge watch Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. I'm happy that CrossFit balances out my sloth-like tendencies. I also like to find new recipes to cook and bake. When the weather is nice, I enjoy going on hiking and biking adventures. What is your favorite thing to work ....

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  • In-House Olympic Lifting Meet Results!

    Our very first in-house Olympic Lifting Meet was super fun! Six lifters competed, getting the feel for what an Olympic lifting competition is like. Each lifter completed six lifts: three Snatches and three Clean and Jerks. The goal of each lift is to successfully lift your heaviestweight by your third attempt. Despite the seemingly low number of reps for each, thistype of competition takes a great deal of mental and physical fortitude to perform well. Judges Marcus, Jon, and Alison applaud all the lifters for their efforts! Let's check out some sweet pics from the day: Snatches first! Allen is successfully Snatching 175#. Felicia is successfully Snatching 2 different ....

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  • Member Spotlight: Keanne Henry!

    CFP Member Spotlight! Keanne Henry
    Keanne is a staple at CFP! She joined us in September 2014, meaning she is one of our very first members! You’ve seen her both in class and in open gym working to get stronger and better, always with a smile on her face and a friendly word of encouragement. We know she is amazingly strong and awesomely supportive to anyone that walks through our doors. We found out a little bit more about what makes Keanne tick. Check it out! What do you like to do when you’re not at the gym
    ? KH:
    When am I not at the gym? Seriously. I like to think about and plan travel. And think about or eat delicious food (including doughnuts and cake). I ....

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  • CFP's In-House O-Lifting Meet: A Primer

    Let’s talk about Olympic lifting!
    The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk are the two most technical lifts ever--so much so that it is it’s own sport. They’re fun. They’re tough. They’re satisfying. You all work very hard at getting better at them both in and outside of class. We want to give you the opportunity to test the skills you’ve gained On Saturday, July 23, CFP is hosting our first ever in-house Olympic lifting meet to give anyone interested a chance to try it out. This is purely a learning experience, meaning most of the competitors will have never done it before so you will be among great company. Because it is a learning experience, you ....

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  • Capitol Smash: Raising the Bar for Veteran Suicide Awareness

    CAPITOL SMASH: Raising the Bar for Veterans Suicide Awareness
    Hosted by CrossFit Petworth and Humble Beast CrossFit in partnership with the Military Muscle Foundation Everyday 22 or more military veterans and 1 active duty service member take their own life by suicide. The Military Muscle Foundation’s (MMF) goal is make the public aware of this situation and to get as many people involved in the fight to end veteran suicide. MMF seeks to raise funds in order to grow as a foundation and have the largest impact possible on seeking out and helping those in need. The Capitol Smash Event will do just that. This free event is meant to bring people from all walks ....

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  • How Dr. Issa Helped Me

    How Dr. Issa Helped Me
    By Alison CFP is having a Principles of Injury Prevention workshop on Saturday, June 11 from 12:30-2pm. You should go to it and bring everyone you know. Here is why: the workshop will be led by my physical therapist Dr. Tamer Issa. Dr. Issa has helped some of our coaches recover from a number of issues and we owe a lot of our collective mobility to him and his colleagues. That reason alone is why you should go to the workshop, but I will give you a couple more. First, Dr. Issa knows who he is dealing with. He understands that active people like to remain active and giving them answers like “just stop doing that” is not effective. What he ....

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  • Helping Your Hands

    By Coach Marcus
    CrossFit is both mentally and physically demanding. You ask a lot of yourself with this style of training and it’s challenging and exciting to tap into your animal nature. CrossFitting allows your body to adapt to stressors. The changes stressors incite can vary from the obvious to the minute. One reaction to these stressors is developing calluses on your hands. I like to call them “natural gloves.” First, let’s understand exactly what a callus is and what causes them. The all-knowing WebMD states, “Calluses are areas of thick, hardened, dead skin. They form to protect the skin and structures under the skin from pressure, friction, ....

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  • Spring Fling was Magical

    As one of your coaches, watching you do the Spring Fling was a magical day for me. For many of you, this was your very first taste of CrossFit competition. Competition is a strange thing. It makes you nervous, excited, scared, and elated all at the same time. It showcases your strengths AND your weaknesses. While shining at what you excel at is exhilarating, struggling at what you don’t is hard. Especially in a competition. In front of your family and friends. But guess what? You DID IT. You went out there, knowing you were going to rock cleans or toes to bar or burpees and you did. You challenged yourself and you succeeded, regardless of how far away from the podium you may have ....

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  • Big News for the First Post!

    While we wanted our first blog post to be great, this could not have gone better if we planned it! Because of YOU, our awesome,amazing community, CrossFit Petworth was named runner up for Best CrossFit Gym 2016 in Washington City Paper's Best of DC! Our friends at CrossFit MPH came in first and our friends at Humble Beast CrossFit were also runners up! We routinely work with these gyms (mostly behind the scenes) to make everyone's experience better. We're so excited to be part of this and for Melody at MPH and Jeff at Humble Beast. Thanks to everyone who voted for us. You are what make us a great place to be. Thank you! ....

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